Below is the Atlanta Comic Con exhibit hall map and exhibitor/artist alley list. Celebrities, comic books, magazines, toys, games, artwork, apparel, and more–you’ll find it all in the exhibit hall!

If you would like to be an exhibitor/artist at the convention, please CLICK HERE.

Exhibitor Map

Guest Creator Name Booth/Table #
Afua Richardson G5
Alex Saviuk G15
Allen Bellman G1
Allen Bellman G2
Arthur Suydam 513
Bob Hall G11
Casey Jones G9
Clayton Crain G7
Gerry Conway G3
James Martin G8
Jim Lawson G17
Joe Rubinstein G14
John Beatty G21
Jose Delbo G10
Michael Golden G23
Michael Golden G24
Mike Zeck G18
Mike Zeck G19
Mike Zeck G20
Renee Witterstaetter G22
Ron Lim G13
Ron Wilson G12
Thomas Yeates G16
Tom Richmond G4
Vanesa R. Del Rey G6
Exhibitor/Artist Name Booth/Table #
3D Printing by Muckychris 1047
3D Printing by Muckychris 1049
777 Sprite Productions E15
A. L. Ashbaugh F3
Aaron (Doc) Springer F9
About Time Comics E1
Agents of Slabs CGC 509
Ali Wagner Sculpts F6
AlleyCat comics 413
AlleyCat comics 512
Allison Barto Art E4
Alyx White E5
Amazing Heroes, LLC 238
Amourable Art 741
Andrew Heath Design + Illustration 1038
Anime Armory 949
Anime Armory 1048
Anime Crew LLC 901
Anime Crew LLC 903
Anime Crew LLC 1000
Anime Crew LLC 1002
Anime Remix LLC 909
Anime Remix LLC 1008
Ann Marcellino E7
Armory Quest 907
Armory Quest 1006
Art By Etchnman B15
Art Ninja Tx D13
Art of Chris West C22
Art of Tammy Pryce 320
Art of Todd Plumblee D3
Artelies D4
Arthur Suydam– The Zombie King 513
Arthur Suydam– The Zombie King 612
Artworks by Jean / Potter Portraits F1
Author Ray Wenck F5
Author-Kenyon T. Henry E3
Avant Guardians: The Most Original Epic Action Adventure in Generations B22
Benitez Productions 840
Best Anime Shop 113
Best Anime Shop 212
Best Anime Shop 214
Big J Toys 653
Big world 806
Bonnie Wong Art B1
Border Breakers A6
Boundless Manga Comic Series B11
Boxwood Board Designs 738
Brett Brooks D5
Bruno Illustration 415
Bryan SilverBaX F17
Bun leung 1034
Cantina Comics & Cafe 702
Cat Dragon Comics C11
Cautionary Comics D17
Cave Geek Art 838
Chicago Costume 1007
Chicago Costume 1009
Chicagoland Games 1039
Chicagoland Games 1041
Chimera Publishing 313
Chimera Publishing 412
Chroma Coma 538
Coker CoOp B19
Collectible Empire, LLC 409
Collectors Rebellion 813
Collectors Rebellion 815
Collectors Rebellion 912
Collectors Rebellion 914
Comic Concepts 707
Conpacks Studios Presents Ruby Art 639
Cordy’s Corner 309
Cordy’s Corner 408
Cosby Media Productions E19
Creative Commerce 613
Creative Me Company 540
Crescent Creepers C9
Cvammen Studio B20
D Whitaker Ink 648
Dbl Feature A2
Delicious Ambiguity Designs F12
Digitoonie 748
Dirk Hays, Lowbrow and Monster Art A15
Double Lucky Enterprises 127
Double Lucky Enterprises 129
drexNINEstudios 332
Elijah Snow Comics 507
Ellie Raine A11
Enkidu Studio F4
Epic City Comics 503
Epic City Comics 602
ESE Supplies 133
Fantastical Menagerie 334
FineComics 609
FineComics 708
First Aid Comics 501
First Aid Comics 600
Fran’s Fun Flowers 746
Geek Mountain 221
Gem City Books 601
GenkiGoth Studios F22
Geoffrey Gwin B16
Good Guys / Bad Guys 847
Good Guys / Bad Guys 946
Gregory M. Thompson A1
Gryphon’s Moon 552
Harley yee rare comic 606
Harrowscape F10
HC Warner 414
Henry Cesneros 302
Heroic Icon Entertainment 641
Highlander Novelties 339
Highlander Novelties 438
Hollywood Joe’s Memorabilia 107
Hollywood Joe’s Memorabilia 206
Hollywood Joe’s Memorabilia 208
Hometown Comics & Games 1019
Hometown Comics & Games 1021
Housebroken clothing 739
HTDB Comics C6
Hyperbooster’s Studio F16
I Can Draw F7
Ilinca Mitchell Art F11
Imminent Designs E12
Incubator Comics D6
J. L. Lawrence A5
J.R. Mounts 315
Jades Collectible Vinyl and Such 940
Jamie Tyndall Inc. 439
Jazzy Bear Arts A14
JD Estrada E16
Jeanne Hardt, Author A4
JenE4 A7
Jennifer Griffin Studios 1020
Jeremy Worst 941
JimmyjamBoomBam C12
JMD Retail 301
JMD Retail 400
John Hairston Jr. (allcitystudios.com) A12
John Johnston D10
John Pence – writer, editor, letterer B4
Jolly Squish B18
Jones Squared B6
Josh Nickerson D14
JP Buzio B3
JPUSA Enterprises LLC 207
Jrtoysandgames 713
Jrtoysandgames 812
Juniorsfx C1
JustinDonaldson 938
Kafai 1018
Katie’s Eclectics D8
Katieoliviawhite E17
Keith Frady B13
Kenny Millien C17
Kit Steele D7
Kitsch and Crossbones 308
Lauren Wright Artistry A8
Leairis’ Artsy Stuff B2
LessDraws C18
Leviathan Artworks 913
Lilly Lui Studio E8
Literary Alterations 218
Literary Alterations 220
Lonewold Customs 303
Long Box Comics 403
Long Box Comics 502
Lost Alien Collectibles 139
Lost Alien Collectibles 141
Madame Camilla’s Closet 209
Madness & Company 752
MAG Studios A17
Mango Makes Manga E2
Marcusbuffbagwell.com 109
Mario’s Comics 401
Mario’s Comics 500
Markmak’s Toys & Collectibles 446
Marvelous merchandise 547
Marvelous merchandise 646
MayteDraws C3
Memories Lost and Found 508
Mike’s Comics 307
Mike’s Comics 406
Mincey Illustrations B17
MiniMe Factory 3D Studio 749
MiniMe Factory 3D Studio 848
Mirkywood Emporium 715
Modjeska Hutchings C2
Moshe and Me 1013
Moshe and Me 1015
Mostcool Media, Inc. D1
Moving Ink Media LLC B5
Mr. Weekends Posters 153
Mr. Weekends Posters 252
Ms.Maw C20
Musashden Art & Comics B14
Musetap Studios 226
Museum Replicas 353
Museum Replicas 452
My Geekery 115
Mystic Treasures 615
Mystic Treasures 714
Nancy Olivo Art E13
Nat Rodgers E9
Nate Jones Design 814
Nen Chang Atelier F14
New Force Comics 407
New Force Comics 506
NINE7Three Studio 939
O Christmas Geek 849
Outer Rim Toys/Out of the Toy Box Jewelry 948
Outside the Booth 349
Page 14 Crew F15
Paradice Gaming and Comics 402
Patchwork Comics, LLP 1046
Paul Maitland Art E20
PD Sean Art B12
Pegasus Publishing 747
Pegasus Publishing 846
Pensurfing Illustrations F8
PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce 1027
PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce 1029
Peter Smith / Crimson Fable Studios A13
Phunky Paradox F21
Plaid Enterprises 1033
Plaid Enterprises 1035
Plastic Empire 515
Plastic Empire 614
Pop Culture Playground 607
Pop Culture Playground 706
Pretty Weird Art C8
Proton Factories C13
Proton Factories C14
Punch It! Graphics 201
QBE Designs 235
R. Kyle Hannah – Author D2
R.S.J. Creations F19
Rabbit-Illustrations C21
Ranelynn Graphics 219
Ravishing Gecko Publishing F18
Raz City Studios D15
Rebecca Nipper Art 921
Retro Rewind Pops 947
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers 135
ryetanzo 807
ryetanzo 906
ryetanzo 908
Sam Ness Illustration F13
Savannah College of Art and Design 647
Scott Rorie Art & Illustration 1032
Serendipitious Creations 649
Seth Groves Illuatration LLC E14
Seventh.Ink 314
SFP Marketing 1012
Shannon Hall C5
Shannon Manor Art F2
Shark Robot 514
Shavostars E22
Show Me Comics 448
Silver Grove Publications LLC 318
Sincerely Yours Illustrations D16
SKG Retrogaming LLC 740
Skullgarden 233
SO- RU / Trained Assassin Games 341
SO- RU / Trained Assassin Games 440
SolarLeo C7
Something Positive A16
Source Point Press 312
Sparkle! Designs 213
squibblefu A3
Starbase Atlanta, Inc. 801
Starbase Atlanta, Inc. 803
Starbase Atlanta, Inc. 900
Studio Brie Graphix C4
Studio Pen Pen B10
Studiohadley 919
Stukntyme Collecibles 241
Stukntyme Collecibles 340
Sun Bros Studios E21
SwearWolfCola E18
T.M. Showers B8
Taylor Carlisle F20
TeeTurtle 300
Terry Huddleston ART 239
Terry Huddleston ART 338
The Art of Alexander Iaccarino D11
the art of Davey B9
The Art of Dominic Glover 933
The Art of Eddie Price B21
The Art of Sir E10
The Final Bam B7
The Final Dungeon 712
The Pink Ribbon Link & Paintings 453
The Tattered Traveler C19
theBrickCase.com 347
TheCreativeKidd C16
TheMysteryShack 447
TheMysteryShack 546
Thompson Productions L.L.C. 306
TNT Comics 603
Tokki Darling E6
Tokyo Black 449
Toni D Studio 1040
Toyhalf 203
Toynk Toys 101
Toynk Toys 103
Toynk Toys 200
Toynk Toys 202
Tunes of a Cosmic Reality D9
UCF Video Games 1001
UCF Video Games 1003
Unstable Unicorns 902
Upon a Dream Images 441
Vader’s Vault 119
Vader’s Vault 121
Watercolor Chaos! 915
Wayne Vansant A10
Waywater Entertainment A9
What the… Nerd!!! 709
What the… Nerd!!! 808
Whimsy Girl Creations 548
Whote Tiger Collectables 240
Why So Serious? Comics 700
William Satterwhite C10
Win & In Games 802
Wind Trail Publishing 935
Wingogo Art C15
Wizyakuza 839
Wonderland Creations 1014
World of Strange 228
WrittenSiNs E11
Wulveys Customs and Collectibles 215
Your Favorite T-Shirts 147
Your Favorite T-Shirts 149
Your Favorite T-Shirts 246
Your Favorite T-Shirts 247
Your Favorite T-Shirts 248
Your Favorite T-Shirts 249
Your Favorite T-Shirts 346
Your Favorite T-Shirts 348
zen emporium-fl 539
zen emporium-fl 541
zen emporium-fl 638

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